Room Escape Games - A popular escape indoor game

Room Escape Games – A popular escape indoor game

After the real room escape game was introduced to the country from abroad, in recent years, there has been a rush of escape from the young people. When people have been tired of KTV, board games, watching movies, etc., a popular escape indoor game. It has gradually become the most popular entertainment activity popular with young people.

Many investors have also spotted the development market where the real room escaped, and they have joined the secret room to escape the franchise project. At present, there are not many companies in the country that specialize in secret rooms, and there are low-end and low-cost companies.

Room Escape Games - A popular escape indoor game

How to choose the secret room theme when the room escapes? The first thing to look at is the story of the secret room theme. A good storyline is the first factor that can attract players. When investors choose the secret room to join the theme, you can first look at the comments on the various topics in the store’s franchise store on the website of the public comment network. Only the theme that the player likes can bring wealth to investors.

For traditional pastimes, such as eating dinners, singing, shopping, playgrounds, etc. People are gradually losing interest and impulse to consume. In recent years, the mainstream population of social consumption has been affected by China’s “home culture” and has turned into a house man.

Their lifestyle is impacting the realities of the Chinese entertainment industry. In recent years, the emerging room escaped from the franchise game, but it is like a dark horse in the entertainment industry, which has created a new era for the development of the entertainment industry.

In the real-life category, the room escaped the franchise game. Since it was introduced to China in 2008, it has begun to take root in China. Unlike virtual online games, the room escapes the accompaniment game to test the player’s intelligence, patience and ability to collaborate with others.

From the initial simple password lock decoding to the large mechanical equipment that was later integrated, the player can then interact with the NPC directly, until now the game progress is promoted according to the script.

In this way, the customer can freely explore and discover in the space escaped by the VR secret room, and find the clues of escape from the inadvertent corners like the traditional secret room escape, and because the clues found in the deep virtual reality space are different, the ending after the escape will also occur. Different endings! All of this is waiting for customers to discover and discover.

More attention to the whole staff experience the traditional room escape, although there is no clear regulation on the number, but the configuration will always become one or two people responsible for collecting clues, one person is responsible for loud screaming, one person is responsible for the embarrassing situation of wandering around. Except for those who are mainly responsible for collecting clues, they have an experience of secret rooms, and others do not have a strong sense of interaction.

In the eyes of the industry, experiential entertainment is one of the future trends. Next, let’s talk briefly about what is called “experienceal entertainment.” It is a kind of leisure and entertainment, and the volume of the field is generally larger.

Room Escape Games - A popular escape indoor game

Through the influence of the surrounding environment, re-shaping people’s sensory experience and psychological identity, using the surrounding buildings and the integration of urban style to create a chic leisure consumption place. Stimulate people’s propensity to consume and form consumer behavior. It is not ruled out that the escape of the secret room in the next few years will directly become a part of the shopping center.

Because for many people now, going out is no longer simply going shopping for what to buy. Sports, friends, parties, fashion shows, movies, ice skating, KTV, etc. will all be an option.

The real room escape game is a puzzle adventure game. The main ideas of the room escape interactive game are mostly from movies, networks and other scenes, which are generally more interesting and challenging, and bring a stimulating situational experience;

Room escape can be derived from different themes of different design ideas, from ancient tombs to wild adventures, from stealing secret electricity to escaping the cage, players can play the ideal role in their favorite theme scenes, with meticulous Eyes, meticulous reasoning, strong physique and concerted collaboration, ultimately completing tasks and getting rewards within the specified time.

The major mainstream cities have become the most fashionable fashion events in the IN, in addition to the three-country killing and killing games. At present, according to incomplete statistics, the main rooms of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other mainstream cities have escaped from the total number of employees, creating an annual sales performance of more than 100 million yuan; creating a new era of entertainment in the post-80s and 90s ethnic groups. product.

For more entertainment furniture, please pay attention to escape room games online and continue to release popular games for you.

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