[Popular] Leave the media, who should solve the problem of furniture complaints?

[Popular] Leave the media, who should solve the problem of furniture complaints?

Around the “3·15” this year, there were two consumer-related complaints in the home industry, which was quite intriguing.

The protagonist of the event is Yuexing Home, the famous Chinese home furnishing industry, and Ren Jinghua, a consumer in Hangzhou. Ms. Ren booked a set of fabric sofas and swivel chairs at Shanghai Yuexing Home Plaza for 8320 yuan. It has not been delivered for 4 years.

[Popular] Leave the media, who should solve the problem of furniture complaints?

Under the intervention of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, Yuexing Home agreed to compensate Ms. Ren for 3,000 yuan on the grounds that the sofa factory had already retracted the student desk. Later, the compensation amount was advanced to 5,000 yuan, and the condition was that it must be withdrawn. The invoice and all the vouchers issued by the store, and promised not to investigate the matter in the future, the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

Unexpectedly, on the eve of “3·15”, Xinhua Home Network exposed this incident. Fang Quanming, executive deputy general manager of Yuexing Home Shanghai Macau Store, personally received the lady, not only returned the 8320 yuan payment, but also reimbursed her twice to Shanghai. Toll.

The other protagonist is the Kebao home improvement company, which is familiar to the Beijing home improvement industry, and Chen Yibing (microblogging), who has won the Olympic gymnastics championship. Chen Yibing entrusted Cobb to provide “one-stop home improvement service” because he did not have time to consider the decoration. However, during the renovation process, he encountered problems such as delays in construction, designers not checking, and furniture problems.

He made a complaint about the furniture home to Cobb, and he did not get a reply for a long time, let alone the Shengfang bar chair to solve the problem.

In desperation, Chen Yibing exposed his experience on facebook. The result was that Lin Zhouyong, the general manager of Kebao Company, apologized to the door and everything was solved.

Yuexing Home Plaza and Kebao Home Furnishing Company are all respectable companies in the home industry. The events listed above are only cases, and may not indicate how bad the two companies are in service.

What is contemplative is why the furniture can’t be delivered in 4 years. The consumers have worked tirelessly to make furniture and home complaints again and again. Yuexing home is entangled between compensation of 5,000 yuan and refund of 8,320 yuan, which cannot give consumers a satisfaction. Reply, when the media is exposed, not only will the money be refunded immediately, but also the toll fee will be reimbursed?

Why did Chen Yibing ask the staff of Kebao Company to solve the problem through the normal channels, but the staff members always perfunctoryly “qualified product quality” and even said the threat language, that is, they did not make compensation according to the agreement. Once the media was exposed, not only the media exposure, but The compensation is in place, the boss also went to the door to apologize?

[Popular] Leave the media, who should solve the problem of furniture complaints?

This can only show that the reputation and governance level of home furnishing companies are not equal.

The blog marketing brand is good, and the reputation is good. It is all the boss’s concern. The grassroots staff are working hard to earn money, and they don’t care much about the brand and reputation of the company. It is the work of the staff who deal directly with consumers that ignores the consumer’s complaints and even ignores them, which makes simple consumer disputes escalate into the focus of media attention.

[Popular] Leave the media, who should solve the problem of furniture complaints?

Being exposed by the media naturally damaged the brand image of Shengfang Furniture Company, and the boss was heartbroken, and it was logical to solve the problem.

To be a business, it is a fantasy that does not cause consumer disputes. When it comes to consumer disputes, it can no longer alarm the media, no longer bosses, and the level of governance in the home industry is truly high enough.Media furniture is required in your living room, please be sure to purchase it in a regular and guaranteed store.Of course, I prefer to decorate my bedroom with entertainment furniture.

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