Home entertainment furniture - game development program programming

Home entertainment furniture – game development program programming

Today for everyone: home entertainment furniture game development program programming! Friends who are interested in the development and programming of the game look here! Newbie introduction to you!

The program you write, or the source code is stored as a text file, you can even use Notepad to write C/C++ programs. However, there must be something that can turn these source code into an executable file.

Home entertainment furniture - game development program programming

For C and C++, this is a compiler. There are a large number of compilers out there, many of which are free.

Choosing a suitable compiler is very important, and the advantage of a free compiler is that you can try one by one and see which one you like the most. However, free compilers are often less functional than commercial compilers or lack good technical support.

Fortunately, most commercial compilers have the same version of the full version, but at a much cheaper version of the intro or learning version. The only restriction is that you can’t publish programs developed with this compiler (this is something you will definitely maintain soon) ).

Although you may end up developing programs for various platforms, you should choose one of them to learn.

When you’re learning a language, you probably want to use a non-GUI operating system, such as DOS or UNIX, before you go into image programming.

 This helps you focus your attention on language learning, avoiding high-level issues such as Windows programming.

However, once you are ready to start making games, you should consider converting your target platform.

Here are a few common platforms: Windows: If you want to work full time in the gaming industry, or if you want a large group of people to play your game, then Windows is your first choice.

Most of your target customers use Windows, and this situation will not change very quickly. A large number of Windows games today use a technology called DirectX that you’ve probably heard of.

DirectX is a library that allows you to directly manipulate hardware, and you can rely on it to write high-performance games.

DOS: DOS used to be the main platform for games, but it was yesterday’s yellow flower. Although some fans are still developing games for DOS, no commercial games have been developed for DOS, and DOS is declining due to Microsoft’s support for it.

If you are just starting to play games, don’t choose DOS. If you have already done so, don’t stay any longer.

Note: Because there are a lot of game programming books written for DOS, you may think that developing games in DOS is justified when you study these books. However, as the number of Windows game programming books grows, this debate becomes less and less and less and less meaningful.

Linux: Linux is a variant of UNIX that is becoming more popular because of its stability, cheapness, anti-Microsoft plot, and more.

Although there are still relatively few Linux users, it has become a viable option as a target platform as its lover and market grows.

Macintosh: The Mac has a small but very loyal follower, and almost every Apple enthusiast I’ve seen has a desire to be more eager for more Mac games.

I haven’t seen much information about developing games on a Mac, but I’m sure there is, so this is a reasonable choice.

Home entertainment furniture - game development program programming

Home entertainment furniture game development program programming

Home game consoles: Game consoles (such as Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, etc.) have a huge market and a promising future. However, for a variety of reasons, developing non-commercial gaming machine games is currently unlikely. Most of the games you develop for game consoles are bought by commercial game companies.More media furniture pays attention to us.

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