Five small games in China, registered users have broken 300 million!

Five small games in China, registered users have broken 300 million!

The China Game Center Hall is a famous game platform with a wide variety of games, including online chess games, casual games, and web games, which can be played for free. The various games in the lobby of China Game Center are very popular, and are very popular among users and friends. The registered users have now broken 300 million. The wonderful online games are here, so don’t miss them.It can be found in game room center.

Five small games in China, registered users have broken 300 million!

China Game Center Hall features:

(1) Upgrade card

The upgrade is a very popular four-player poker game in China. You can choose one deck, two decks or even three decks. When playing a deck of cards, it is also called “40 points” or “playing percentages”; when playing two decks, it is also called “80 points.” It is worth mentioning that the “middle-stream” upgraded card game specifically supports three decks of cards, which is 120 points, more exciting and more exciting.

(2) Four Kingdoms Chess

The China Game Center successfully launched the four-nation military chess game as a relatively new scientific research achievement on the Internet, and it inherited the Go game.

The easy-to-use and beautiful features of the war have enabled many fans of the four kingdoms to stay free from time and space.

(3) Chinese chess

The “Middle Travel” Chinese Chess Station put Chinese chess, the ancient Chinese chess game, on the Internet. As long as you connect to the chess server, you can have a good time with like-minded friends; if you need to prepare for the battlefield, you can also look at the killing of other masters and understand their chess path; there are also chess games for You download and try to figure out.

(4) Go

The program of the “Middle Tour” Go Station client has the characteristics of easy to use, high performance, and multiple chess games at the same time. It is called “the best multi-face playing chess” program by Yu Bin. Use it not only to play online, but also to analyze the game when you are not online. On the Go station, there are columns such as the chess world, the chess test, and the chess forum. At the same time, various go games are held from time to time, attracting experts from all walks of life to learn skills.

(5) 锄大D (for upstream)

锄大D is a kind of poker game widely spread in the Cantonese-speaking area. The gameplay is similar to “running fast” or “striving for the upstream”. However, due to the limitation of the number of cards and the rigorous scoring method, its skill is greatly increased, and the dependence on cards or “hands” is greatly reduced.

How to use the China Game Center Hall:

First, the game square

1,“Modify the data”: You can modify the personal image, email address, password, and set whether to display the login box.

2, “Enter the game”: When entering the game server, if the connection is not successful for a long time, you can press the button again to abort the connection.

3, select the game name or link in the list, you can enter the relevant home page, in the “single version”, you can call out the stand-alone game

4, can enter four game servers at the same time, while playing a four game

Second, the game hall

1, the function of the user list

A. Click on the title bar of the user list to sort the corresponding columns. For example, click “user name”, the first time is arranged in order, the second time is arranged in reverse order, and the network management and friends are listed in front.

B. When the Chinese game center software finds the user, enter the user name, you can only enter a part of the name, such as looking for “game player”, just enter “play” and then press “find”, then the first name contains “tour” The player is selected in the user list, and then press “Find”, the second one will also be selected.

C, you can choose to talk to or private chat

D. When the single-point user list is selected, select the point information of the pop-up menu, you can copy the user name to the memory and paste it to other places.

2, chat press the up and down cursor keys, you can pull out the history of the chat

Players who have recently chatted will be displayed in front of the user list, generally displayed in the six people immediately behind the friend.

Five small games in China, registered users have broken 300 million!

Third, the desktop area

Press the left button on the user icon that has already started to stand by, and right click on the user icon to display the user profile.

You can hold the mouse and drag the desktop up and down in the blank area.

Double-click on the blank space in the desktop area to switch directly to the game interface.

You can change the size of the desktop area by dragging the divider between the desktop area and the user list.

Fourth, the configuration

In the configuration, there are detailed settings information, you can only play games with players of the specified attributes, etc.

Five, automatically join

Can help you find a vacancy, giving priority to tables with more people on the table

Six, quit the game

If you press “Exit Game” during the game, and then re-enter, you can achieve the effect of disconnected play (except Tetris)

Frequently Asked Questions in China Game Center Hall:

  1. How to retrieve the account number and password in the lobby of China Game Center?

If your account has forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve it through the Customer Service Center, thank you.

  1. What if I can’t log in to the China Game Center lobby?

In the advanced option in the lower right corner of the login interface, log in to the server address, select the server address number of 50 or 51, and then try to log in.

China Game Center Hall update log:

1,Install the module with the new update

2, multiple functions and stable optimization

Huajun Xiaobian recommended:

The China Game Center Hall is powerful and easy to use. It has a wide variety of games and brings a new experience to users and friends. The China Game Center Hall allows everyone to enjoy the joy of the game. This is a very easy to use software. There are also 4399 game halls, QQ game halls and 360 game halls recommended for everyone. Welcome to download and use.

Five small games in China, registered users have broken 300 million!Like to find your favorite entertainment family games in the game room center, please keep an eye on us!

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