【Game Room Center 】How to develop game production? Novice must see!

【Game Room Center 】How to develop game production? Novice must see!

I am often asked: How to develop game production? A person with little or no programming experience how to start a game. Until now, I have always tried my best to answer one by one. However, the number of problems has grown to an unmanageable level, so I decided to put all the suggestions together in an article for reference.

How to develop game production? This article is intended for people who want to develop their own games, but with little or no programming experience. In fact, I also assume that the reader does not have any programming knowledge at all. I will focus on the programming and design aspects of game development, not on the art side.

【Game Room Center 】How to develop game production? Novice must see!

I am not prepared to discuss the game industry (because there is too much information on this topic), but I will take you through some of the things you need to do before making a game. One point of this note is that don’t treat the method I’ve described here as the only or best way to learn to make a game, but for me and others, it works.

How to develop game production? Choose a language!

The first thing to do is to choose a language. You have a whole host of choices, including Basic, Pascal, C, C++, Java, etc. There are also a lot of arguments about which language is best for beginners. For the pros and cons of various languages, see John Hattan’s great article “What language should I use?”

I recommend using C and C++ here. Some people think that these languages ​​are too difficult for beginners, but from my personal point of view I am against this view, because I started from C++ myself. In addition, C/C++ is the most widely used language at the moment, so you can find a lot of information and help.

The problem of learning C or learning C++ first is not big, because once you learn one of them, it is not a big problem to learn another one. However, if you choose C++ from the beginning, make sure you understand and understand process-oriented programming before learning object-oriented programming. (For example, if you can’t program without using the class, don’t rush to learn the class first)

If you find that learning C/C++ is a difficult task, it doesn’t matter, go back and choose a simpler language to learn, such as Basic or Pascal. However, I think that if you stick to it and find some good information, the problem of learning C/C++ is not big.

【Game Room Center 】How to develop game production? Novice must see!

Your next question is: How do I learn C/C++? I am very excited that you ask this question. The best way is to go to class. There are no teachers to help answer questions, and it has a huge impact on your development, and programming exercises will ensure that you really grasp what you have learned.

If the lecture is not within your consideration, the next best thing is to find some good books. Don’t focus on those “big books” books, because you will buy a few books after all. I suggest you go to a local bookstore and take a moment to browse through the books on C and C++ until you find a book that you can understand and learn from. At the same time, you may want to buy a few advanced books or a reference book, but once you have some knowledge of the language, you will have a better idea of ​​what you need. Some suggestions can be found on the BOOKS channel of the website.
Here, I briefly explain the many introductory programmers I have seen, especially the things that young people care about: no money to buy books or other things. First, there are many resources that are free, including libraries and Macmillan Computer Publishing (their website has hundreds of programming books).

Second, if you want to be a good programmer, you have to consider investing in it. There are a lot of C and C++ tutorials on the web, but I think these tutorials are much better at learning books than as separate materials. More information can be focused on the game room center channel to introduce you more entertainment furniture!

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